Favorite Resources

The following is a list with whom I have worked; have used successfully in the past and/or are reputable. This is only a partial list of sources for this type of work and you should satisfy yourself that the one you choose best satisfies your needs.

Contact anyone on this list as well as any additional sources personally to determine their qualifications for the type and scope of services provided, fees, scheduling bond coverage and insurance coverage. It is highly recommended that you obtain references and contact the Construction Board.

Neither I nor Windermere can make any guarantees about theses people or firms listed.

Oil Tank/Soils Testing/Sewer
Soils Solutions                        ( 503) 234-2118            Tony Bustamonte

Alpha Environmental           (503) 292-5346                 Richard

Eco Tech                              (503)493-1040

Colors on Tap                           (503)260-4059            Steve Eschen

Ron Jorguson                           (503)267-7999

Window Washing/Gutters            (503)341-2081            Chris Chase

Wood Floors
Greg Lyon                                (503)997-8881
CZ Becker                                 (503)282-0623
Steven Wu                               (503)331-5944
DeLux                                      (503)293-9206

Radon Testing
Eco Tech                                   (503)493-1040

Computer Consulting
Consuting & Service                  (503)652-1939               Curt Sowulo

Home Inspectors
HomeSpec, LLC                          (503)504-7032

THI      (503)730-5250                Marc Trunz

Ian McMurray          (503)475-4408

AMI                Jim Katen    (503)985-7543

Heating & Air
Comfort Mechanical                    (503)761-1500
Tri-County Temp Control             (503)557-2220              Larry Jackson

Accounting, CPA
SMC                                           (503)222-9681              Jeff Chaidez

Lawn Service/Maintenance/Clean Up
Arndt Lawn Maintenance             (503)312-5480              Marty Rickets
Shannon Landscape                    (503)698-4455              Brian Shanno

Basement Repair
John's Waterproofing                   (503)233-0825               Larry Enderle

Portland Chimeny & Masonry         (503)256-9140             Bill Lee

Bean Roofing                                  (503)502-7396            Gordon
Saw Tooth                                      (503)203-8262

John Elster                                    (503)969-6818

Cooper Mtn Roofer                       (503) 649-2367

NW Roof Tech                              (503)253-5666

Clow Roofing                                (503)281-1238

NW Roof Tech                             (505) 253-5666

Soils Solutions                                (503)234-2118            Tony Bustemonte
Jim Reynolds(repair only)                (503)913-2328

Root Excavation                              (503)314-5547           Tim Ragland

Northwest Mortage Services             (503)452-0001            Tammy Wittren

Summit Mortgage                              (503) 546-1275           Miles Rusth

Home Staging
On Stage, LLC                                 (503)708-1611             Todd McAllister
Allyson Brooks                                (503)281-9345

Spade & Archer                              (503) 209-2879            Justin

Dry Rot
John Morrissey                                (503)329-8025

Craftsmen Homes, LLC                   (503)806-1496               Jack Klearney
R&L Construction                            (503)522-0707               Richard Larson
Spectrum Construction                    (503)284-8514              Jerry Poquette

General Contractors(a little bit of everything)

Trace Brash Construction                    503- 679- 0565

Carpet Cleaning
Bob's Floor Care                              (503)795-9921               Bob McCarthy
The Lindey Company, Carpet & Upholstery  (503) 636-5483  John Anderson
Carpet & Upholstry Cleaning (Specializing in dyeing of spots)    503 317-6413

Classic Sash & Door                        (503)227-0202               Robert Palumbo

Tile work/Handyman

Trace Brash   503-679-0565

Audio Installation (TV Installs)
Vision Installations, Mark Smith   503-453-7471


Apollo Pools                    (503) 644-6434

Cascade Pools                (503) 620-6174

Frank Bennet                   (503) 730-6958

Pond Cleaners/Installation    (503) 621-3202     Paul


Classic Plumbing      (503)554-1605


Drainage Masters        (360) 694-5847

Johns Waterproofing    (503) 233-0825

Picture Hanging

Art Work                        (503) 256-7648


NW TRee Specialists    503-572-4972         Brett Batchelder

Wall Paper Removal

Blue Sky      503-777-9111                   Ed Kuchar

Tax Appeals

First Class Properties            503-305-8777


Joel Gray         503.771.7920

Nick Mesirow    503.646.0566





This information is provided as a courtesy only, and does not create an agency relationship with the reader. Please contact me for further information regarding real estate needs and options.